Minnis’ Silence on Pintard is Deafening

Bradley RobertsPress Statement
Bradley B. Roberts
February 7th 2017

Hubert Minnis’ Silence on Pintard is Deafening


The now ratified FNM candidate for MARCO City Michael Pintard was forced to resign from his Senate seat and also as Chairman of the Free National Movement at the behest of their leader Dr. Hubert Minnis when he was caught on tape negotiating a murder plot scam and scandal with known criminals.

Recently Pintard has reemerged in the media claiming that his involvement in the alleged murder plot will not have any “significant impact” on his election bid. However I beg to differ. This amounts to conveniently sweeping this scandal under the proverbial carpet.

The reasons behind Pintard’s resignation still exist today as it did back then and no amount of fluff or deflection from FNM leader Dr. Hubert Minnis or Michael Pintard himself can change that; both men bury their heads in the proverbial sand to their own peril and that of the FNM. Minnis remains suspiciously silent on the resignation and ratification of this embattled individual. Without explanation to his party or the public at large Dr. Minnis has brought trouble into his camps once again and now seeks to have the good people of MARCO City caught up in the fiasco.

For a man who proposes anti-corruption legislation if he becomes Prime Minister, Dr. Minnis is a joke, is duplicitous and cannot be trusted.

There must be more involved to warrant such a move by the FNM leader. At whose directive is Dr. Hubert Minnis making such reckless decisions? Is Save The Bays lobbying on behalf of Michal Pintard as a bid to have him planted back into the political landscape of The Bahamas? And if so, what quid pro quo arrangement was made between Minnis and Save the Bays?

Of all the many unsoiled individuals who wish to run on the FNM ticket, what is so valuable or special about Pintard to the political success of the FNM? He is a compromised candidate with questionable judgment and corrupt tendencies and the people of Marco City should not be burdened with this redundant albatross. Under these kinds of deals, the rule of thumb is always to “FOLLOW THE MONEY” and therein usually lies lurking the spectra and dark cloud of corruption.

Clearly Dr. Minnis is puppet with no moral compass who is not in control of his party. The Bahamian people cannot take the risk of having a person of this ilk, judgment and temperament in control of their government and country.

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