Too many Bahamians no longer feel safe in their own homes. Violent crime has skyrocketed, with murder records set in four of the last five years. Crime is breaking apart communities, hurting our economy, and tearing at the moral fabric of our nation. It’s time for a government that cares about fighting crime all the time, not just at election time. The PLP is the only party with a comprehensive and innovative plan to fight crime, and the only party committed to bringing back Urban Renewal and Swift Justice.  Because the PLP believes in The Bahamas.

Project Safe Bahamas
The PLP’s Project Safe Bahamas is the only crime plan that addresses prevention, prosecution, punishment and rehabilitation.

Some of the plan’s highlights include: tougher sentences for illegal weapons possession; returning police to schools; stronger witness protection, and increased border patrols.

Operation Cease Fire
Because a small group of serious, chronic, and violent young offenders tend to commit the most and the worst crimes, and because we know where most of these crimes are committed, we propose an intense law enforcement focus on repeat offenders and the most violent criminals, and saturation patrols in crime hotspots.

Urban Renewal 2.0
We believe that by renewing communities, we can effectively fight against crime.  This updated Urban Renewal program is designed to build stronger communities through grants for community improvements and citizen Crime Watch associations.  We will focus on youth through support for after-school programs such as marching bands and computer classes, and we will renew a robust police presence in schools.  Through increased vocational and technical training, as well as investing in job training and job placement, we will ensure that young people have a successful alternative to crime.

Swift Justice
Prosecuting criminals quickly and efficiently is essential for an effective justice system. The PLP’s Swift Justice programme will ensure murder cases are tried within twelve months, and cases that deal with threatening law enforcement officials will be tried within six months, with a special unit to fast-track death penalty appeals. We will strengthen witness protection programs, as well as increasing resources for the criminal justice system. We plan to coordinate police, prosecutors, and all those involved in the administration of justice so that criminals are “swiftly caught, swiftly tried, and swiftly punished.”

Safe Bahamas Initiative
The PLP believes in The Bahamas, and we believe every Bahamian should be safe from crime. That is why we want to increase defence force patrols to reduce the import of illegal firearms and drugs, in addition to improved gun interdiction at ports. We will increase funding for the Royal Bahamas Police Force so they can expand their intelligence unit, invest in new technology, and build state-of-the-art forensic units to allow for local forensic analysis. Beyond the police, we believe in supporting drug rehabilitation programs, programs to prevent teen pregnancy, and intervention campaigns that reduce domestic violence. The Marco Archer Act will ensure tougher penalties for child molestation, a new Sex Offenders registry, and coordinated rapid response to missing children.