Grand Bahama

Grand Bahama has suffered unthinkable neglect, with none of the focus or support needed for recovery and growth. The PLP will make the revitalization of Grand Bahama a top priority, because we believe that it can become a thriving and vibrant success story.

The PLP has a detailed plan to address the needs of Grand Bahama that puts Bahamians first. The plan includes the following:

  1. Significantly raise work permit fees for jobs Bahamians are qualified to perform.
  2. Identify Bahamians who can fill job positions when work permits already granted expire.
  3. Establish a new Ministry for Grand Bahama.
  4. Cut government departure taxes at the airport and harbor in half, and reduce hotel taxes by 50%, for a period of five years for existing hotels and 10 years for new hotels.
  5. Promote local entertainment, with incentives and support for restaurants, nightclubs, music festivals, and craft markets, and support to develop Bed-and-Breakfast lodgings.
  6. Provide incentives and subsidies for airlift of tourists to Grand Bahama, including targeted scheduled flights and charters for seasonal and event-related tourism.
  7. Upgrade the Grand Bahama Island Promotion Board, to improve promotion of Grand Bahama in international markets.
  8. Ensure that duty-free concessions are extended to East and West Grand Bahama.
  9. Construct a new state-of-the-art hospital, using Bahamian contractors and labour.
  10. Expand BTVI presence on Grand Bahama, as part of major new investment in technical and vocational training.
  11. Develop a new public-private partnership to establish a Technology Centre for education and training, and provide a free laptop to every 7th grader.