Immigration: Fixing a Broken System

  1. A new Royal Bahamas Defence Force division dedicated solely to protecting our borders against illegal immigrants.
  2. A substantial increase in air and border patrols.
  3. An integrated and coordinated law enforcement policy, with new training programs in best practices and the use of modern technology.
  4. Tougher penalties for Bahamian employers who hire illegal immigrants.
  5. A new test for all people applying for permanent residency or citizenship in The Bahamas, to ensure they understand our language, culture, and history.
  6. The stationing of a Bahamian labour officer in Haiti to organize lawful entry of Haitian labour into The Bahamas.
  7. The granting of provisional, time-limited work permits for jobs Bahamians are unwilling to do, in order to better track immigrants in The Bahamas and ensure compliance with the law.
  8. Offer immigrants who have been in the country for over 20 years an opportunity to be evaluated for permanent residency.
  9. Engage the US government and International Organization for Migration in the processes of interdiction, migration, settlement and repatriation of immigrants.
  10. Arrange a bilateral Treaty between the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and the Republic of Haiti for more effective regulation and harmonization of immigration and other matters between our countries.