The Party

The Progressive Liberal Party was founded in 1953 to fight for the liberation and equality of all Bahamians and for representation for the Labour movements in Parliament.


OUR VISION is to shape The Bahamas into the best little country in the world where economic empowerment, social justice, strong values and respect for the rule of Law are the precepts upon which we are built. We are committed to this vision and to that of creating a fair and just society where all hardworking Bahamians have an equal opportunity to share in our national resources and the creation of wealth.
OUR VISION is to continue to build a Bahamas with a business environment that facilitates Bahamian ownership of the economy, that creates new employment and entrepreneurial opportunities, and that augments the economic foundation that we have built.
OUR VISION is to create a Bahamas where young Bahamians are developing a stronger sense of self, sound character, and positive values and attitudes, as they become empowered through the educational and employment opportunities to master their own destinies and be the best that they can be.
OUR VISION is to build a Bahamas where every Bahamian desirous of work finds employment opportunities that allows him or her to enhance the well being of his or her family and participate in the building of our nation.
OUR VISION is to build a Bahamas that reigns as the premier tourist destination of the Region and the Western Hemisphere as other sectors of The Bahamian economy continue to reap the benefits of the unprecedented growth of Tourism in our country.
OUR VISION is to build a Bahamas where we are a leader in the Financial Services industry with a cadre of professionals at the helm offering diversified services and cutting edge products that preserve our position as industry leaders.
OUR VISION is to build a Bahamas with an expanded role for agriculture and fisheries so as to maximize the benefits of its contribution to our economy and enhance its function in the continued development of our Family of Islands.
OUR VISION is to build a Bahamas with the establishment of a national land use plan outlining our buy back policy and guides transactions to ensure the sustained availability of land to support the continued growth and development of The Bahamas and the land needs of all Bahamians.
OUR VISION is to continue to establish a Bahamas with modernized physical infrastructure and reliable public utilities to support the ongoing economic and social development of The Bahamas.
OUR VISION is to build a Bahamas with an education system that prepares each student to take advantage of the increasing opportunities for wealth creation and economic empowerment. We envision a system that will promote self-esteem, encourage discipline, foster ambition and prepare students for full participation in all facets of our society.
OUR VISION is to continue to create a Bahamas with a health care system that focuses on prevention through healthy life styles, early diagnosis and intervention, cutting edge treatment and rehabilitation that is affordable for all Bahamians through a comprehensive national health insurance plan.
OUR VISION is to shape The Bahamas through a social service system that delivers targeted benefits to the most vulnerable of our children, the elderly, and persons with physical and/or intellectual disabilities throughout the archipelago.
OUR VISION is to build a Bahamas where dialogue and consultation is the standard; to build a Bahamas where we embrace the values and attitudes that ensure that our communities are family oriented and peaceful; and to build a Bahamas where Bahamians fully participate in the development of their communities.
OUR VISION is to build a Bahamas where every Bahamian has access to affordable housing.
OUR VISION is to advance a cultural renaissance in The Bahamas to showcase our unique talents both within The Bahamas and internationally.
OUR VISION is to build a Bahamas that offers a range of sporting programmes for all ages and abilities, to ensure that there are opportunities for the development of high self esteem, discipline and the achievement of personal athletic goals, and to ensure that a sense of national pride is entrenched in our culture.
OUR VISION is to build a Bahamas with a modern, integrated and enabling public sector that develops and delivers critical services with increased efficiency and competency.
OUR VISION is to shape the Bahamas into the best little country in the world by embracing those individuals who are committed to our goal, while jealously guarding and protecting our borders from those individuals who wish to threaten our livelihood through illegal entry.
OUR VISION is to build a Bahamas where all sectors are positioned to respond in a timely manner to the needs of our citizens in the event of natural disaster, and where we are able to promptly undertake the rebuilding of lives and the physical infrastructure impacted.
OUR VISION is to continue to build a nation of unprecedented achievements such that the international community recognizes The Bahamas as a global leader and dominant regional figure.
OUR VISION is to develop a Bahamas where the Constitution of The Bahamas forever preserves the strongest and positive features and institutions of democracy while meeting the demands of nation building.
OUR VISION is to create a Bahamas with a safe and secure environment, which allows all Bahamians to live full and complete lives without fear. It is the collective vision of the membership of the Progressive Liberal Party, to continue the achievement of our goals as we create and implement more innovative and unique programs that transform the lives of Bahamians. This is The Bahamas that we wish to create. We are confident that our mandate and vision will be realized through strong and consultative partnership with the Bahamian people, with God’s guidance and your continued support. And we will not stop until we have made The Bahamas the best little country in the world!

The Progressive Liberal Party is a democratic liberal party. It believes in the progress and advancement of the rights of the individual and the protection of individual freedom, the preservation of values and human dignity in the framework of a just society and fostering political freedom through meaningful participation by all citizens. Through the strength of our common endeavour we maximise the greatest benefit for all of us, so as to create for each of us the opportunity to realise our dreams and true potential to ensure that power, wealth, privilege and opportunity are in the hands of the many, not the few.