Party Symbols & Song

The Crest

The crest portrayed a family walking down a main street, and the name Progressive Liberal Party emblazoned across the top. The crest was adopted and canied all the literature put out by the party, including leaflets, correspondence, circulars, ad all other printed matter.

The Salutation

The right hand is raised to the shoulder, with three fingers straight up and close together.




The Slogan

While one person says, “P.L.P” the reply is “All the Way”.

PLP Official Song

From Andros to Exuma, across the deep blue sea,
From Bimini to Mayaguana, we’re good men true and free
We’re joining hands, we’re marching for what is good and true
Beneath our flag that stands for right, the white and royal blue


We’re marching, marching, marching, for justice and right
We’re marching, marching, the PLP shining bright
From north to south, from east to west
Our party’s flag is flying best
We’re working together, these islands shall stay free
We’re marching forward, marching, marching in the PLP.

From Long Island to Eleuthera, and the Berry Islands too
we’re saying we’re wanting, what is good for us and you
Inaqua joins up with us, Harbour Island makes her stand
While Nassau leads the way; to plan and build a betterland

Bahama, Grand Bahama, says we’re in there with the rest
Cat Island says we’re with you and will do our level best.
And Abaco we all know, she always does her share
So linking arm in arm we go, we’re marching everywhere

In Spanish Wells and Long Island, they’re getting on our boat.
in Rum Cay they’re saying, its the safest ship afloat
Acklins me are with us, they’re sailors good and true
We’re sailing onward, onward an all Bahamian crew.

San Salvador, the island that Columbus landed on
Crooked and Ragged Islands they all are going strong
The islands are all with us, the country moves as one
There always is more work to do our task is never done.

(Composed, written and arranged by Timothy Gibson)